Street Art London App


The Street Art London iPhone App is an authoritative street art app for London which we have developed in collaboration with Geo Street Art.  Many hours of development and design have gone into making this street art app to be as up to date and useful as possible.  It is a FREE download for iPhone.  You can grab it on the App Store here.




– Home feed with all the latest street art
– Locations map with hundreds of up to date locations on
– Compiled and kept up to date by us, experts on London’s street art
– Up to date map with hundreds of locations
– You can filter the map by artist
– Use the GPS tracker to hunt down street pieces by your favourite artists
– Hundreds of street artists and images comprehensively laid out
– Share pieces you find with friends from the app on facebook, twitter and email
– News updates from the Street Art London blog
– Yes, the app of course has Banksy’s work around London on it for all you Banksy fans

Home feed and artist menu:


Map interface, filters available:


Browse work by your favourite artists:


Details bios on all the artists:


News from Street Art London: