Friday Street Art Video Roundup: Mentalgassi, Code, Eine and Roa

For your viewing pleasure on those long friday afternoons, each week we’ll be scouring the internet and bringing you the finest street art videos that we can lay our hands on. All with a London twist of course. To kick us off this week we have videos featuring Mentalgassi, Code, Eine and Roa.

This video sees the German street art collective Mentalgassi teaming up with Amnesty UK (featured earlier in the week here) as part of the ‘Making the Invisible Visible’ street art project to highlight the plight of Troy Davis, a 42-year-old man on death row in the US state of Georgia. The video below shows Mentalgassi preparing and putting up their pieces of lenticular street art:

Here’s a video of Code putting up a piece on the Southbank. A very similar piece is also on Curtain Road in Shoreditch at the moment.

The next two videos are a little older, but well worth a watch if you have not seen them yet. The first is a feature about London street artist Eine’s recent visit to Cape Town, South Africa where he painted five huge wine vats for Origin Wines. The second tells the story of the Roa bird on Hanbury Street.