Thierry Noir paints tallest mural in Britain

Thierry Noir has recently painted what is the tallest mural in Britain on Barwick House on the South Acton Estate in London. The mural titled ‘A message to the Children of London. Brush your Teeth, at least, three times a day‘ but also dubbed ‘The Acton Giant‘ standing at 37 metres and a staggering 14 storeys tall. This is Noir’s first public artwork in London in 2017 and took a total of one week to paint. The mural was created in association with Artification as part of their public art programme to beautify the South Acton Estate. Artification are a London based arts charity who use art to catalyse change in communities. In 2014 STIK created ‘Big Mother’ alongside Artification on the neighbouring Charles Hocking House. Together Noir and STIK’s murals represent (at the time of writing) the two equal tallest murals in Britain. See below for the full photos of Thierry Noir’s new mural.