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Otto Schade

Otto Schade is a Chilean street artist who is currently based in London.  His street art is abstract and multi layered with incredible detail and depth.

Otto Schade

When and where did you create your first piece of street art and what was it?

My first piece was created in May 2009 and it was a sort of guy behind a brick wall. I created this one because it was very simple message. Bricks are one of the most used materials in UK buildings. Painting a brick black gives the impression of a hole and with white I could create some hand and face shapes. This one should be easy and fast to paint (2-minute job), just in case……..

Otto Schade

Your work typically fits into two categories – abstract and surreal. Tell us about how your style has developed over the years and why the abstract and surreal techniques work best for getting your message across.

It’s difficult to say, but I have been doing my abstract and surreal work since 1996. I just started with street art in 2009. I try to incorporate the surreal shapes in my graffiti and when I make them on canvas I use some abstract backrounds, giving more depth to the original plane.  Surrealism is everywhere nowadays; people are getting use to it. Even advertisements are becoming more surreal (Critic paranoid method from Salvador Dali).

Otto Schade, street artist - by Street Art London

Otto Schade, street artist - by Street Art LondonOtto Schade