Friday street art video round-up: Eine, Ronzo & Banksy

It’s Friday again, so here is a selection of street art videos from around the web. This week we have videos featuring Eine, Ronzo and Banksy.

This is a video of Eine at work on the well known wall in Holywell Lane as part of the Moniker International Art Fair 2010. The work took three days to paint and is significant because Eine had painted the very same wall illegally several years prior with the word “Vandalism”.

This video documents the creation of Ronzo’s most loved work ‘Crunchy’, the credit crunch monster and mascot of the global recession.  Crunchy resides high up on the Great Eastern Street Side of Village Underground (opposite to the wall featured in the video above).

Here are two great Banksy videos that are well worth a watch (even though you might have seen them already).  The first video is Banky’s controversial into for the Simpsons which aired in October and featured Chinease sweatshop workers.  The second video depicts Banky’s recent installation at Brighton Marine Pier of a coin operated dolphin ride vaulting a leaking BP oil drum.