Street artist interview: Dickchicken

3 May ’11

You might have seen his stickers all around East London.  New York based street artist Dickchicken talks to Street Art London…

Dickchicken sticker street art London

Tell us about the hatching of the first Dickchicken. When was he born and where did he first make a public appearance?

2007. Bushwick.

The phallic bird has taken trips over to California, up to Canada and now London. Where else has he travelled? Are there plans to slowly take over the world?

those are indeed my plans

What about NYC made it an ideal starting place for the release of the Dickchicken?

thats where i was at the time

Dickchicken street art London

Now that the Dick Chicken has made its London debut, have you found a different reaction on this side of the Atlantic?

the buff in London is way stronger, very little rides there. the brits get the joke i think. but there are way too many wanna-be stencil artists over there, stop trying to be banksy and pick up a pencil.

You say everyone loves a good dick joke. What’s your favourite Dickchicken joke?

the fact that i am still doing this is my favorite dickchicken joke…

Is it just a chicken with a dick for a head, or is there some underlying socially conscious agenda here?

i see it more as a litmus test, when you see it, you will either laugh and smile or be angry and scowl, and that tells me what kind of person you are. it distills essence.

Dickchicken street art London

Of course, we’re all dying to know about Dick Chicken’s female counterpart, Pussy Ham. What’s the story?

i hooked up with this girl, and it didnt work out. so out of scorn, or for attention, she started pussy ham…i think she thought she was getting over on me, but then she got hooked. graf is addictive.

Does the size of the Dick Chicken matter?  Do you have plans to ‘Go Big’ on any walls in the future?

bigger is always better, anyone who tells you otherwise is just trying to make you feel better…i dont make plans though…so find me a wall and lets paint that f**ker

Where’s the most unusual or daring place to have felt the Dickchicken?

when i gave one to the queen, that was awkward…

Dickchicken street art London

What are the the best and worst reactions you’ve had to the Dickchicken?

overhearing people talk about it on the street is great, seeing people talk about it on the internet is not…

What’s your response to the people who find Dick Chicken offensive rather than hilarious?


Dickchicken street art London

Dick Chicken McNugglets or DickChicken Noodle Soup? What’s on the menu for tonight?

im vegetarian

Talk about the differences in your gallery work and your street work.

street stuff is smash and grab, gallery stuff is way more drawing

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