26 thoughts on “New Banksy street art on Clipstone Street, Fitzrovia”

  1. I were in London over easter holiday, searching for graffiti ! It kills that I missed this! Banksy rocks!

  2. I live round the corner from this welcome addition to the neighbourhood. Some thoughtful soul(s) have done a very professional job of putting up a protective sheet of perspex in front of this Banksy, sealed with silicone round the edges. It wasn’t the owners of the building and it wasn’t the council – anyone out there got any ideas who is the Banksy Preservation Society??

  3. I didn’t know that everyone would admire my work so much, I actually thought that this piece was just ‘the tip of the iceburg’ Thank you fans. BTW i am not actually banksy but this guy is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZK7D6WqzR0 haha finally we know who banksy really is and LOL at the men in the suits looks like my music teacher xoxo

  4. Please go take some infos on Banksy and you’ll discover that is a fucking piece of sh**. He’s a fucking TOYER and of course he didn’t created his own style. He stoled to a guy that create the little rat (the one on the picture) but he created 20 years ago. search some infos on BLEK LE RAT and you’ll see that 60% of the banksy work was stolen to blek.

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