Exhibition: Ronzo – ‘Crackney’s Finest’ – 19/11/10

Ronzo’s second solo exhibition features a new series of paintings, collages, prints and sculptures showing the life in the ‘Ronzo Borough of Crackney’. It is a dark but funny place inspired by the experience of living in London’s East End borough of Hackney. Ronzo’s vision of Crackney is crawling with surreal characters including crack smoking … Read more

New Street Art: Swoon Hits London

Swoon is a street artist hailing from New York who is well known for her intricate and lifesize what paste prints and paper cut outs of figures based upon people in her life. Swoon, visited London recently and left four pieces around Shoreditch.   This piece is just off Curtain Road: Swoon has recently been working … Read more

Exhibition: Panik – ‘From the Ground Up’ 11/11/10

PANIK is showing is new work at the Pure Evil Gallery from Thursday 11th-28th of November.   Panik ( ATG ) started his career in 1999 in and around Camden, North London. The ATG Crew were formed in 2001 and became a driving force in the UK graffiti world that didnt go un-noticed. They quickly became … Read more

Exhibition: Kid Acne – ‘When the Smoke Clears’ 12/11/10

Kid Acne’s first London solo show of 2010 is dubbed ‘When The Smoke Clears’, presented by Concrete Hermit.  The show will be a presentation of new works by Acne, as well as a new line of products, including T-Shirts, a sweatshirt, and excpetional-quality screen prints. Where and When? Concrete Hermit Gallery 5A Club Row, Shoreditch, … Read more

Check out Street Art London’s ‘Artists’ site

Street Art London has a dedicated ‘Artists’ site.   Here we will be showcasing all of the latest street art from street artists currently active in Londontting walls in London right now.  Over on the Artists site we already have pages dedicated to Stik, Invader, Eine, Isaac Cordal and Otto Schade among others. Check out … Read more

New Street Art: New Boxi piece off Curtain Road

Boxi, is a Berlin based stencil artist par excellence. He creates multilayerd, life size stencils which feel almost real.  He has just painted a huge new piece just off Curtain Road.  Pictures below:

Street Artist: Roa

Street Art London, have, as part of our ‘Street Artists‘ site taken a close look at Roa’s recent work in London. Roa, a hugely talented Belgian street artist from Ghent, is renowned for his giant black and white animal street art. Roa started off in the street art scene painting animals on abandoned buildings and … Read more