Kid Acne Street Art London Wall

Kid Acne 

Kid Acne is a versatile artist, born in Malawi, Africa, and today based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire alongside fellow artist Phlegm.  He began painting graffiti outdoors aged 12 and has been active in that arena for over 20 years. Kid Acne’s creative output transcends myriad genres encompassing fanzines, animation, graffiti, street art, muralism, screen printing, hip-hop and music production.

He has exhibited his work all around the world.  Acne brings his signature visual aesthetic to his work on the streets which is extremely varied and diverse. One thread of his street work involves painting huge, jocular slogans around the globe in his own handwriting.  ‘OH MY DAYS’ on the Wall being another addition to this already extensive body of work.

Kid Acne is also known for his mischievous ‘Art Fags’ and his Stabby Women characters which pop up wherever he should travel.  Kid Acne shows no sign of slowing down and so it was a great privilege to invite him to paint the Wall.

Kid Acne – Making of the Wall
Kid Acne – OH MY DAYS
Kid Acne – Carriages