Street Art London Wall Pablo Delgado

Pablo Delgado

London based Mexican street artist Pablo Delgado emerged in 2011 and is already one of London’s best known street artists. He is renowned for his miniature paste up scenes. His early work consisted of tiny doorways pasted up around the walls of East London. Soon, Pablo began expanding into detailed narrative scenes, meticulously depicting hosts of people, animals and objects in minutia around London.

His style is also peculiarly known for the distinctive black shadows that he casts on the pavement in black paint. These shadows give his pieces a lifelike quality and make them pop off the wall. The scenes themselves appear fantastical, chaotic and seemingly unrelated at first. However, upon closer inspection and examination each contain their own narratives and stories.

Pablo was invited to the Wall in December 2012. He used the wall temporally to portray a narrative scene which unfolded over the course of two weeks to become a conflagration between red and white.


Pablo Delgado – Wall Narrative
Pablo Delgado – Howard Griffin Gallery