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AliCè, real name Alice Pasquini is a street artist from Rome.


Why do you think street art is important and what message are you hoping to communicate by creating art in public spaces?

I think the artist primarily tries to express herself and doesn’t necessarily know what she wants to communicate. The meaning and the value comes from the exchange between the artist and the viewer. This exchange happens on the street in a more unexpected, surprising and freer way than in a gallery.

I create art about people and their relationships.
I’m interested to represent humans’s feelings,
exploring differents points of view.
I especially like to draw strong and independent women

— AliCè


Strong brushstrokes and illustration styles dominate your portfolio. Tell us a bit about your artistic approach.

I am a multimedia artist. My artistic background is academic. I studied Fine Arts. I specialized in old style animation and I worked as an illustrator and set designer. It is sometimes frustrating for an artist to work for very opinionated clients. Therefore, in the last few years I have embraced street art as a way to totally express myself.

Which piece are you most proud of and what does it mean to you?

There is a wall painting I am specially proud of. I painted it in Bassano del Grappa (north of Italy) last September at the Infart Festival. I like it because  there is a very good integration there between the landscape and the painting. Moreover, I worked with C215 and that collaboration worked really well.


You’ve put work up in cities all over the world. Is there something specific about London that inspires you while you’re here?

In 2000, I did one year of Fine Arts in London. It was there that I exhibited for the first time. Therefore London is a very special place for me. What I really liked about London, and I still do, is its openness towards new artistic movements and its lack of prejudices compared to Italy.

Which other street artists inspire you?

C215, Sten & Lex

Portrait of AliCé by C215 as part of the Never Judge show at Stolen Space Gallery in December 2010:

Never Judge, Stolen Space