ROA & Phlegm in Peckham

ROA Phlegm Peckham Street Art London

These huge murals by ROA and Phlegm in Peckham were put up back in February this year and at the time weren’t featured on Street Art London.  However, given that these two pieces are arguably two of the finest examples of ‘street art’ to be found anywhere in London they deserve extra attention.  The setting of these pieces is also a great – a secluded brick courtyard encloses you on all sides creating a feeling of isoloation despite their location in the bustling centre of Peckham.


ROA Phlegm Peckham Street Art London

ROA Phlegm Peckham Street Art London

ROA Phlegm Peckham Street Art London


ROA Phlegm Peckham Street Art London

ROA Phlegm Peckham Street Art London   ROA Phlegm Peckham Street Art London ROA Phlegm Peckham Street Art London

6 thoughts on “ROA & Phlegm in Peckham”

  1. These murals are wonderful; I live in peckham and would like to go and see them, but you don’t give the location.

    • Hi Ingrid – I found the yard yesterday after an hour’s search, but still couldn’t work out how to get inside… turn right outside Peckham Rye station onto Rye Lane, under the bridge and it’s alongside the tracks on the other side of the road. You can get a good view of the Phlegm pieces if you go up an alleyway to flats / nightclub place – unfortunately the gate at the end was locked so couldn’t see the ROAs… may be able to get to it via Copeland Road industrial estate? Quite a good view of the works from the train back to London Bridge which is how I first spotted it, having given up the search!!

    • It’s actually a smoking area in small theater in Peckham not far from the station. I saw this while seeing their Vera Vera Vera production last year. It’s joint with ‘Royal Court’ company. It’s called Theater Local, if anyone was interested in seeing it go to the Royal Court website and it should have mapped directions of some sort.
      Megan Clayton.

  2. They are in front of the Bussey building- courtyard locked a lot of the time though but these are the times the website gives:

  3. I realise that the last comment was in 2012 but I feel the answer is still relevant. The building is the Bussey Building, which is home to the CLF art cafe, ( we host a variety of things including a theatre, music venue, club nights, art exhibitions. We are open from 5pm daily should you wish to pop in for a cup of tea /beer and have a look at the artwork in the courtyard.

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