Guest Post: The Buenos Aires street art scene

The street art scene in Buenos Aires is immense and boasts some of the most exciting street artists in the world right now.  Here BA Street Art give us a small introduction to the Argentine capital…

BA Street Art BluBLU

It’s certainly been a busy and exciting last few months for street art in Argentina. In November, BA hosted Meeting of Styles, the first ever international graffiti festival to be held in the country. Some 130 street artists were painting at more than half a dozen sites around the city. Vhils from Portugal dropped by to destroy a wall in Palermo and Blu decided to spend the summer in the city. The Italian master ended 2011 in fine style by painting his last four murals of the year here in BA.


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Guest Post: Street art and street artists in Rome

Street Art London has a very international flavour this week and we are delighted and priveleged to bring you this guest post from Jessica at RomePhotoBlog.  Here, Jessica gives us the lowdown on the street art scene in Rome:

Though Rome isn’t the first city that comes to people’s mind while thinking about street art, that is slowly changing as the city’s artists continue to grow and become recognized on an international level. While plenty of international artists have hit up Rome over the past few years – Invader, C215, Above, and Zilda to name a few – I’m going to focus on the local artists whose work I’ve seen up on a consistent basis since I started photographing street art in 2009.

Before I get to the artist’s, however, I want to break down some of the peculiarities of Rome street art. People often ask me where they can see stuff while in town and though it’s found everywhere if you keep an eye out, some key areas to focus on are San Lorenzo, Pigneto, Ostiense, Trastevere (though less and less it seems). If you’re really adventurous and can figure out public transit, hit up Strike off the via Portonaccio, as its walls are covered with works by writers and street artists and a revolving doors of shows happen in the Pub, normally open Thursday nights.

Sten + Lex – Both started their artistic careers separately, but now form one of the most recognized duos in Rome with an international career. Their work mainly focuses on portraiture, increasingly of anonymous figures. Sten’s invention of the “hole school” technique for stenciling created their distinctive style, which they continue to evolve, most recently into the stencil poster. Here’s an old school photo from a poster they hung outside the Rialto centro sociale in 2009.

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GUEST POST: Bristol Graffiti & Street Art

This is guest post from the folks over at Bristol Graffiti & Street Art, catch up with them over at their facebook page and at their blog.

A review of 2010, by Bristol Graffiti & Street Art

The Bristol graffiti & street art scene is internationally known.  It all kicked off with the likes of 3D, FLX, Inkie and Deed, Shab, Cheo, Turo, Jody then came along the second generation of writers & artists from Lokey, Sickboy, Banksy, Kato, Soker, Rowdy and Acerone just to name a few.  After these guys we have what we could call the 3rd generation, 3Dom, Haka and Sepr, amongst others.

You cannot forget the music, which has played a big part, and  continues to do so today. Bristol is known both for its Graffiti and Music and some of the most famous Graffiti & Street Artist’s, DJ’s and Bands have all come from Bristol.  One of the events that can’t be forgotten is Operation Anderson, which took place on 20 March 1989. In Operation Anderson, the homes of 72 suspected Graffiti writers were raided including that of the Barton Hill youth worker John Nation. The raids took place in Bristol, Bath, Exeter and Cardiff and at the time it was the biggest anti-graffiti operation in the history of British policing.  Many of the Graffiti Writers & Artist’s were arrested, most of whom had their Blackbooks, photo’s, paint etc. taken by the Police.  Most were lucky enough to get a slap on the wrist’s, whereas others received harsher punishments. All of this for their love of self expression…  However, this has just made the scene in Bristol even stronger, we have Writers from all over the UK and abroad who come to Bristol, just to paint.

Boswell, Pen and 3rdEye

Bristol Street Art and Graffiti

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