Roa street art tour

Check out some reviews for our tour from Trip Adviser and Qype, reproduced below:

If you love street art and want to embark on a fantastic London adventure you absolutely MUST do this tour with Street Art London.  Right away you feel welcomed and quickly share in their passion and exquisite knowledge of London’s finest.  It’s hard to imagine a better way to spend a Saturday. An ultimate feast for the eyes with a wonderful person to show you the way.  Thank you Street Art London!
Ela, from New York

I love walking around London looking for street art and although I think I know a fair deal about the subject, it was a real treat to discover new artists and to be taken to new places by someone who obviously loves what he does and knows what he’s talking about.  I would definitely recommend the tour to anyone with any interest in street art!
Olivier, from London

“After this tour, you’ll never look at streets in quite the same way… nor should you.   I cannot rave more about this tour. It’s innovative from content, to route, to context. Your guide Griff is well-schooled and knowledgeable of the comings and goings of London street art. He will show you a variety of street art, pointing out some of the most recent and electrifying. The tour is four hours on foot, with a respite at a local eatery mid-way. The wanderings through East London had our group exploring alleyways and main streets where we came face to face with amazing work. I liked that Griff provided a history and framework of the pieces too.   Without hesitation, I’d recommend this tour to anyone who has an interest in connecting with urban spaces, their neighborhoods, their city, or simply London. Seeing a photo is not the same as experiencing the tattering newspapered pasting, the miniatured figure perched on a trestle, or the comforting and omnipresent mushroomed construct fashioned by an artist who has something to communicate, to help illuminate and make sense of the world in which we live.
Rick, from Los Angeles

One of the best and most worth while Saturday’s I have had this year.  A fantastic few hours and a perfect balance of seeing art, a few galleries, getting to ask questions and learning a huge amount.  Our guide was hugely knowledgeable and informative and clearly passionate about street art.
Vanessa, from London

We did this tour end of April 2011.  It was a really well prepared tour done by Griff.  Griff has a lot of knowledge and information prepared and he is the authentic and right one to do this . So he makes a well paced and fascinating tour out of it.  You will get your eyes opened to look at details and learn much about street art and street art artists.  Beside it is a wonderful tour to see eastend London with its diversified mood and architecture.  Bring good shoes and a camera with you.
Hans, from Munich

The tour was way more interesting and rich than I was expecting. Dozens of pieces, hidden alleys and very knowledgeable guide made it a fantastic way of spending some good hours. Also for someone who has just recently moved to London, it was great to get to know a bit more of East London.
Bernado, from London

This tour was the best part of our weekend trip to london! We almost felt like we’re a part of the street art scene.  We walked around for about 4 hours and it never got bored.  We always found new pieces, even some that weren’t there 12 hours ago.  That was awesome.  If you’re interested in street art you have to do this trip!
Chris, from Zurich

I did this tour with a friend and would wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone, whether a just visiting or actually living in London. I know East London quite well and have seen some of the street art pieces before but it was absolutely fascinating to learn more about the artists, their style and inspirations and also discover many smaller, less obvious pieces. Our guide, was very passionate about the subject and certainly made this one of the best outings I had this year so far!
Jen, from London

This was one of my best afternoons in London. I learnt a lot about street art, the different techniques & the great artists. Griff, our guide, is very knowledgeable and happy to answer all your questions. You won’t look at street art the same way after this great experience! It’s also a nice way to discover London. I had never been to shorditch and Brick Lane before. For sure I will go again. I really like this area. Plus you will meet nice people too! Definitely highly recommended!!! Go for it!
Marianne, from Reading

Having made London my home a couple of decades ago, I also still like to delve into tourist territory every now and again. Walks are the best way to get to know a place, and this is one of the best organised tours I have been on. I was a bit worried at first that Street Art London might be a big, almost corporate outfit with an aim to profit from the growing (and increasingly mainstream) interest in street art – what with the highly professional website and efficient paypal payment option.  Very happy to find out that instead this is a project based on a man’s personal interest in pictures on walls and those who create them. Griff is very knowledgeable and happy to share his wisdom, even recommending further sites too far to reach on the day. Street Art tours are available twice a week on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. I spontaneously booked a one-off this May Bank Holiday just gone.  The group met at 11 o’clock near Old Street station with the tour then winding through streets and back alleys until it was time to take a little break at lunchtime, giving everyone a chance to refuel and get to know each other. I think we were on the road well over the promised four hours!  And it didn’t stop there; Griff takes the time to contact everyone personally after the tour with links to interviews he has conducted, locations and whatever else might have come up.  One of the best days out to be had in London at the moment!
Meike, from London

Some friends and I went on the tour a few weekends ago and fell in love with street art even more.  The tour guide is extremely knowledgeable about every artist and was committed to show us all that he possibly could in one day.  I absolutely loved seeing all of these incredible pieces and hearing the background on each one- I left feeling like I learned SO much, and now I am constantly on the look out for new art on the streets!  This tour is definitely worth the money, I actually would love to do it again and have already suggested it to some friends.  Not only are you able to see a lot of art that you may never just stumble upon on your own, the tour also allows you to see different areas of London and really gives you an understanding of what “street art” is all about. I definitely recommend this tour to absolutely everyone!  You go in a small group as well, so you’re always able to see and hear everything the guide is talking about.  So so so much fun – great experience!
Madeline, from New York

I did this tour last Saturday. Loved it. The tour guide knew what he was talking about and was happy to take questions all day. Saw alot of amazing street art – most of which I wouldn’t have found without the tour.  A great way to see how cool London really is and also a good chance to see the less touristy areas of East London. Have already recommended it to a number of friends!
Jonathan, from London

I came from São Paulo, where the street art scene is quite busy. Not only did I find some of my own fellow “paulistas” up on the British walls, I also got to see first-hand some of the most brilliant pieces I’d seen in years.  The tour guide is another wonderful thing about this.  It’s a very laid-back, enjoyable trip. The guide was fun to talk to, a real enthusiast of street art, and keeps in contact with some of the hottest artists around.
Pedro, from Sao Paolo

Our tour guide had a lot of inside knowledge of the artists and the art.  He took us all around the street art areas and makes you notice things you would normally walk straight past.  Due to the ever changing nature he is also discovering things as we go. I arrived expecting a two to three hour tour, but if you are interested you can go to lots more hidden places and alleys to see more and more. There is no time pressure at all though because nothing is timed. Just make sure you have your walking shoes on, but do not worry, he will make sure you get a break as well. I look forward to doing this again in the Summer so that dusk does not arrive too early.
Chris, from London

It was absolutely fantastic tour! In this tour I saw amazing pieces of famous artists such as Stick, David Walker, ROA, Bortusk Leer, Swoon, Invader, etc. I saw so many great things which I’ve never noticed before. Griff is a super great guide; very friendly and he has a lot of knowledge and information. He can answer any question about street art! I new nothing about street art before but know I can recognize artist’s pieces (thank you, Griff!).  I really recommend taking this tour. It’s much more interesting than one more pic of Westminster. 😉
Agna, from London

A great tour with Griff. We didn’t know too much about street art but we wanted to know more and the tour was really great. We walk for 4 hours all over the streets and discovered a lot of great and different street artists. Griff, our guide was really nice and knows a lot of things about this art. He was very friendly and took care of everyone. If you want to see an other side of London try it, you will like it.
Frances, from Brest