Broken Fingaz Crew – street work

Broken Fingaz Crew street art London

Here is a round-up of the Broken Fingaz‘ most recent work on the streets of London.  The fulcrum being a collaboration between crew members UNGA and TANT on the walls of a derelict pub close to Shoreditch.  Impeccably executed, it shows off three frames that are typically  characteristic of Broken Fingaz’s unique styles.  This, and other recent works, build on an already impressive catalogue from the Crew’s last visit to London in May 2012, recorded here, and which notably includes their accurate and vibrant mural along Hackney Road.

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Broken Fingaz Crew in London

Broken Fingaz Crew Hackney Road

Broken Fingaz, Israel’s best known graffiti crew, are currently in London and last week Street Art London hooked up Tant, one of the members, with a small wall (see below).  There will surely be new work from Broken Fingaz going up  in the next week or two so watch this space…  For now here is a little background on Broken Fingaz Crew and details of their current work in London.

Broken Fingaz were formed in 2001 and hail from Haifa in Northern Israel. They consist of four members who are Deso, Kip, Tant and Unga.  Originally Broken Fingaz crew started out in graffiti but have since moved into illustration, muralism, animation and a whole range of other disciplines.  After conquering Israel with their distinctive styles Broken Fingaz Crew have moved on to paint all over the world, London being no exception.

This is the second time that Broken Fingaz have visited London, they were here in May of this year off the back of some major exhibitions in prominent Israeli art institutions such as the Tel Aviv Museum and the Haifa Museum of Art.  During Broken Fingaz’s first visit they put down some great pieces around East London, notably a large mural on Hackney Road and a collaboration with INSA on Christina Street, Shoreditch.

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Lister in Shoreditch

Anthony Lister street art in Shoreditch, London. Street Art London

Australian street artist Anthony Lister is currently in London and has been on a painting spree around East London. Street Art London hooked him up with this wall in Rivington Street today and spent some time in his company as he painted.

The wall is next door to Cargo, the courtyard of which Banksy once famously painted and within which two of his works remain.  Lister paid his own tribute to one of these Banksy pieces.  Afterwards we spent some time with Lister and conducted an extensive interview with him which we will bring to you next week along with the rest of his work from his latest visit to London.

In the meantime, sit back, and enjoy the evolution of Lister’s latest work in London.

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RUN paints Tramshed

RUN street art at Tramshed London

RUN and Street Art London were recently invited to paint the front doors of Tramshed, Mark Hix’s new restaurant in Shoreditch, notable for its commissioned Damien Hirst piece inside featuring a cow and a cockerel.  Tramshed shuts its front doors at midnight and RUN had another painting date in Spain the next day so it was a race against time through the night.  RUN however rose to the occasion and produced a stunning work.

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Flip up on Ebor Street, Shoreditch

Recently, São Paulo based artist Flip visited London and put up this great piece on Ebor Street on the other side to ROA’s hedgehog.  Street Art London got in touch to find out a little more about FLIP and the inspiration behind the wall….

Your new wall in Ebor Street is great. Can you tell us a little about the inspiration for this piece?

The funny kawaii, monsters and non-sense inspires me.  It’s also inspired by old Japanese mythical creatures, in this case, I mixed the Tanuki (Japanese raccoon) with the Jellyfish. I chose CMYK colors to pop up in front of the bricks … Seems to be alive !

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ROA Hedgehog pops up in Shoreditch

Roa Street Art in East London

On Sunday ROA put up a great new mural on Chance Street in Shoreditch to mark his last night in London before jetting off to paint in Poland.  This piece adds to his growing repoitoire of animals around London and caps off an extended stay that saw him put up one more street piece a few weeks back (see below), but more significantly put together a fantastic installation based gallery show entitled Hypnagogia.

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New Phlegm wall near Brick Lane

Last week, Sheffield based street artist Phlegm, put up an epic new piece just off Brick Lane on Heneage Street…  This wall four other Phlegm pieces in London… notably this collaboration with ROA in Peckham.

This huge wall took him a full three days to paint and well displays his characteristic black and white, illustrative style and stylised narratives that overflow from his self produced comics.  If you fancy tracking down this, and the rest of Phlegm’s street art in London, then why not use the Street Art London iPhone App – all of the pieces are on there and much more besides!

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C215 hits Brick Lane

C215 street art on Brick Lane, East London

C215 has, in recent days bombarded Brick Lane with new pieces… in a similar vein to his last visit to London in July 2011.   Street Art London went out and hunted a few of their pieces down… there are probably one or two more still out there that we missed….

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Stik – ‘Art Thief’

Stik street art in London, 'Art Thief'

Stik’s well known piece on Pitfield Street in Hoxton was freshened up recently as Stik playfully remixed it to depict an ‘Art Thief’ making off with a nice piece of Stik artwork.   Perhaps next month there will just be a plain doorway here as the figure makes its getaway…

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RUN around London…

RUN street art

RUN at work (with Stik).

Street Art London was lucky enough to hang out with RUN back in December while he added this nice wall to the Foundry.   RUN has been busy of late and recently put this cool piece along Hackney Road.  RUN tells us that he has a few more pieces in store over the coming months so watch this space…

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ROA & Phlegm in Peckham

ROA Phlegm Peckham Street Art London

These huge murals by ROA and Phlegm in Peckham were put up back in February this year and at the time weren’t featured on Street Art London.  However, given that these two pieces are arguably two of the finest examples of ‘street art’ to be found anywhere in London they deserve extra attention.  The setting of these pieces is also a great – a secluded brick courtyard encloses you on all sides creating a feeling of isoloation despite their location in the bustling centre of Peckham.

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Banksy – ‘Out of Stock’

Banksy put up four new pieces in London this week.  One on the side of National Gallery, one in Bell Lane near Liverpool St. Station, one on Wapping High Street – all which were buffed/removed very quickly indeed.  The best place to see these pieces is therefore on his website which last night underwent a major update with new pieces in Liverpool also.

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