Thierry Noir paints tallest mural in Britain

Thierry Noir has recently painted what is the tallest mural in Britain on Barwick House on the South Acton Estate in London. The mural titled ‘A message to the Children of London. Brush your Teeth, at least, three times a day‘ but also dubbed ‘The Acton Giant‘ standing at 37 metres and a staggering 14 storeys tall. This is Noir’s first public artwork in London in 2017 and took a total of one week to paint. The mural was created in association with Artification as part of their public art programme to beautify the South Acton Estate. Artification are a London based arts charity who use art to catalyse change in communities. In 2014 STIK created ‘Big Mother’ alongside Artification on the neighbouring Charles Hocking House. Together Noir and STIK’s murals represent (at the time of writing) the two equal tallest murals in Britain. See below for the full photos of Thierry Noir’s new mural.

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Badgergate – Martin Ron paints the VU Wall


Martin Ron is one of the pre-eminent street artists in Argentina.  He paints hyper realistic surrealist imagery on a huge scale.  Upon invitation from Street Art London he travelled to London to participate in our Village Underground Wall Project and over the course of eight days painted a breathtaking mural.  Certainly a contender for one of the best ever pieces on this prestigious London wall.  We also talked a little to Ron to find out about his rationale for painting the piece he did. 

How did the project to paint this mural come about?

I came to London after being invited by Street Art London. It’s an important mural project that gets together a lot of international artists who come to London to paint. It’s an interesting project and it’s exciting to paint the Village Underground Wall that is one of the best and biggest in Shoreditch, a neighbourhood where a lot of top international street artists have painted. Every few months different street artists from different parts of the world come here and paint the VU Wall one after the other. I am here in London in August with my girlfriend.

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Kid Acne hits the Wall – OH MY DAYS

Kid Acne OH MY DAYS Street Art London VU Wall

Kid Acne become the latest artist to participate in Street Art London and Village Underground’s Wall Project with one of his signature slogans – OH MY DAYS.  Acne’s piece cements Sheffield’s early domination of the Wall since he follows fellow Sheffield based artist Phlegm onto the wall.   Working in brutally cold conditions Kid Acne managed to get the piece up over three days and even had time to put up some signature Art Fags on the carriage ends atop the wall with Dscreet.

This latest piece represents the next step on the way to establishing the most prestigious street art wall in the world in the heart of Shoreditch.  Each month or so Street Art London and Village Underground will invite a leading street artist to the Wall.  For all the info on the project head over HERE.

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Phlegm on Great Eastern Street

Phlegm London

Having completed the big wall at Village Underground as part of Street Art London’s curated project on that wall Phlegm moved onto the front Village Underground walls on Great Eastern Street.  Here he produced a context specific piece on the four panels relating to the characters portrayed on the other side.

This marks the end of Phlegm’s week long trip to London, during which he managed to get up some fantastic work.  This piece follows on from RUN back in December 2012 and of course sits below the iconic slogan from Steve ESPO Powers. (ESPO’s piece formed part of his A Love Letter To You Project which originally comprised of over 50 large uplifting typographical murals along the elevated train line in Philadelphia and since spread to other cities including London and New York.)

This wall is part of Street Art London’s collaboration with Village Underground, check it out —>Village Underground Wall presented by Street Art London.

More photos after the jump.

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The ‘Village Underground Wall’ presented by Street Art London

Street Art London Village Underground Wall



Village Underground Wall presented by Street Art London



Street Art London Village Underground Wall


Street art is the biggest artistic movement of the 21st Century, London is a pre-eminent city within this movement and the Village Underground Wall itself is at the epicentre of London’s street art milieu.

The ambition is to establish the most prestigious street art wall in the world and a cultural landmark in London. This will be achieved through a curated programme of works drawing in the finest London street artists and top international artists from all over the world.

Over the course of 2013 a series of inspiring pieces will be actualised on the Wall and documented in photograph and film.

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The Street Art Book London – iPad App

Street Art London iPad App

Street Art London presents The Street Art Book London.  Digital street art stimulation on your iPad.  Hundreds of pieces of street art from across London photographed, curated and complied by Street Art London.  Free for your iPad and in an App Store near you.


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RUN at Village Underground

Yesterday RUN painted the Great Eastern Street side of Village Underground which has featured many classic works over the years.  Not least ‘Lets ADORE And ENDURE Each Other’ by Steve ‘ESPO’ Powers which itself has endured since October 2010 and will continue to do so.  SHOk-1’s incredible x-ray style is also visible on the second train carriage – closer view here.

On a slight side-note, ESPO’s piece formed part of his A Love Letter To You Project which originally comprised of over 50 large uplifting typographical murals along the elevated train line in Philadelphia and since spread to other cities including London and New York.

Rumour has it that these four panels are going to get painted again soon so RUN chose to paint a series of simple pieces that reflect some of the recurring themes in his work, faces, and that are reminiscent of the work he painted on the Foundry last year.

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Stik goes BIG around East London

Stik street art in East London

Stik has had a busy 2012 on the streets with many large scale pieces around East London and the World, notably in New York, Berlin and Jordan in the Middle East.  Stik also collaborated with Dulwich Picture Gallery in reinterpreting several paintings from the Gallery’s permanent collection on the streets around Dulwich.  Read all about Stik’s Dulwich project here.

Here is Street Art London’s modest collection of Stik’s best (and biggest) street works over the last few months in East London culminating in Stik’s largest work to date in London, to be found on Scriven Street just off Queensbridge Road in Hackney.

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Dscreet at Tramshed, Shoreditch

While RUN was painting the front doors of Tramshed (covered), Dscreet also put up a piece that same night around the corner on another door of Tramshed along Garden Walk.  This work features Dscreet’s classic owl image surrounded by the lyrics of Black Sabbath’s song Symptom of the Universe.

In Dscreet’s words:

I first heard Black Sabbaths “Symptom Of The Universe” on Henry Sanchez’s “Pack Of Lies” seminal skate part from 92. The sickest skater in the world at the time and it was the heaviest soundtrack I’d ever heard on a skate section, a mindblowing combo got me psyched to roll everyday.

I didn’t fully comprehend the importance of Black Sabbaths poetry cus I guess it was hidden in amongst the riffs and screams, but its always stayed with me and means a lot to me to this day, I suppose this is a homage and you can read into it what you will…

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Stik: Dulwich

Stik Dulwich picture gallery street art london

Stik recently collaborated with the Dulwich Picture Gallery to re-create seven old master paintings from the Gallery’s collection around the streets of Dulwich.  This project represents a daring collaboration between street artist and England’s first public art gallery.  It is also refreshing to see Stik’s work and street art more generally transplanted into leafy and surbaban Dulwich.

Stik found inspiration from regular visits to the gallery and then reinterperated and remixed the work into his own unique style. Stik’s simplification of the works in the street serve to highlight the universal nature of the themes expressed by the old masters. The piece below is Stik’s interpretation of Marcantonio Franceschini’s The Guardian Angel (1716), located at the Push Studios at Blackwater Court, Dulwich.

Stik Dulwich picture gallery street art london

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Street Art London iPhone App: Features

Street Art London iPhone App

We thought it might be a good idea to tell you guys about some of the features currently in the Street Art London App.  The Street Art London App is part of the wider Geo Street Art Apps Project.   The Project’s goals are to both help people locate street art within their cities but also to provide insight into the global street art scene and the artists who create these artworks all over the world.  With that in mind, please check out the features of the Street Art London App below.  There are also some interesting new features in development…

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